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RV, Boat and Motorcycle Insurance for the State of IL

At ALF Insurance, our job is devoted to providing you with an insurance package that fits you and your family’s needs. We offer so much more than just your standard auto insurance; whether your vehicles run on water or land, we are here to customize your coverage needs. Understanding which insurance package is right for you can be tricky, that’s why our professional agents are committed to helping you get the most for your budget.

RV Insurance

We insure RVs, tent trailers, and travel trailers. By law, an RV must have at least liability insurance. A tent trailer or a travel trailer is not required by law to have liability insurance, however, it is a good idea because your auto policy may not cover damage incurred to someone else by a trailer attached to your vehicle. There are many different types of coverage available for these recreational vehicles, call us to get a quote.

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Boat Insurance

Accidents on the water are often unintentional and can be extremely expensive to repair. Although it is not illegal in Illinois to drive a boat without insurance, boat owners can’t help but find it necessary, as this water vehicle is an investment that is worth protecting. Like car insurance, our boat insurance has many different options available depending on the various features attached to it.

Many of the options include coverage caused by:

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Motorcycle and Scooter Insurance

Like any standard vehicle, motorcycles and scooters are required to have some form of insurance but can vary depending on the driver and their needs. Many insurance policies are going to cover your motorcycle or scooter from damage caused by theft, collision, or non-related vehicle damages. Regardless of your plan, factors such as your years of riding experience, age, driving history, and credit will affect your insurance rate.

Mobile Home Insurance

You might be thinking, what’s the difference between mobile home insurance and regular site-built homes? Well, a completely separate insurance package exists for mobile homeowners with different rates and coverage options. Depending on the size and value of your home, your rates will vary and can be discussed with one of our professional agents located in Springfield, Illinois. A basic mobile home insurance plan will include coverage for things like:

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